Grounds of the Scarborough Hotel, Dolls Point, Sydney c 1892

Oil on canvas

76 cm` x 107 cm

Signed lower left

The Daily Telegraph on 20th April 1892 published an article titled ‘Dolls Point Regatta’ M.P. Varney Parkes was mentioned as a patron of the event, and that the award ceremonies were held in the evenings at the Scarborough Hotel. The painting depicted is believed to be on the grounds of the newly built Scarborough Hotel on the end of Russel Street, Dolls Point. The people depicted relaxing and strolling in the foreground are likely to have been patrons of the newly established Hotel. Varney Parkes involvement with the Regatta, establishes a link between himself and the locality, and the painting may be have been executed as a celebration of his interaction and fondness of the area. The date of 1892 is plausible, Parkes would have spent time in the area to plan for the Regatta, and quite possibly staying in the newly built hotel.