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Lindsay, Lionel

Lindsay (Sir), Lionel

Lionel Lindsay (Sir)

Born: 1874 Victoria
1961 Sydney

Lionel Lindsay was a prolific graphic artist, watercolourist and writer. His printed works of Australian flora and fauna received worldwide accolades from contemporaries and critics. His finished woodcut prints were of such a high quality that Harold Wright (Colnaghi Gallery) wrote "He has approached, if not equalled, some of the best work of this type produced in Europe in the past quarter of a century"

Lionel travelled widely, he was fluent in Spanish, had extensively travelled Europe and had visited North Africa and India. His opinion as an Art critic with the Melbourne 'Herald' was controversial and exciting; he provided great support in establishing Australian Modern artists, such as William Dobell. 

He is widely regarded as the greatest Australian Printmaker. 

His work is represented in all major institutions in Australia. A full collection of his woodcuts is held by the British Museum. 



Lindsay, Lionel

Etching 41/50

18 cm x 12.5 cm


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